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Power Play Fun-draiser!

Our power play, ticket fundraiser has brought much success to hundreds of schools and organizations over the past several years. Our power play fundraiser gives you the opportunity to enjoy a hockey game and make money for your organization at the same time! It's a great opportunity for schools, churches, sports teams, scout packs, etc.
How it Works
Your organization will choose a game and sell Cottonmouths tickets for that specific night. Tickets will be given to you on consignment with the understanding that you are financially responsible for all tickets including lost or stolen tickets.  Proceeds will be shared between your organization and the Cottonmouths. The Cottonmouths require a $10 return on each ticket you sell. 
For example: If you sell a ticket at $14 your organization will receive $4 off of each ticket sold. 
All unused tickets and monies must be returned to the Cottonmouths by 5:00pm, at least two days prior to your scheduled game date. Your organization is responsible for tickets not returned by this time and will be charged in the event that they are late. All unsold tickets MUST be returned. 
Our fundraiser not only gives your organization the opportunity to raise money for your organization but also allows participants quality time with their families, friends and coworkers.


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