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Logo Request Procedure:

All logo requests must be submitted through the form on the Cottonmouths website by the entity wishing to receive permissions for the logo. The entity wishing to receive permissions for the logo must allow the Cottonmouths seven (7) business days to process this request.

In the event that the entity wishing to receive permissions for the Cottonmouths’ logo is granted these permissions, the logo may only be used for the intended use described on the Logo Request Form. If the logo will be used for any other purpose other than the intended use describe on the Logo Request Form, another submission must be made to the Logo Request Form and approved before the Cottonmouths’ logo may be used for any other purpose.

To request permission for the Cottonmouths’ logo:

STEP 1: Read and understand the Terms and Conditions prior to completing the Logo Request Form. Once you agree to comply by these Terms and Conditions, you may move on to Step 2.

STEP 2:Complete the Logo Request Form at, submit the request and wait for the request to be processed.

STEP 3: You will be contacted within seven (7) business days with either the logo you have requested, or with information about why your request was denied.

STEP 4: If the request is approved and you receive the logo requested, you have 30 days from the date the Cottonmouths’ logo was received to provide final proof of materials to Final proof of materials must be submitted and approved before any publishing can be completed with the Cottonmouths’ logo.

STEP 5: At this point, the process is complete and you must delete the Cottonmouths’ logo received. If this logo is used for any other purpose other than the description listed on the approved Logo Request Form, it is considered a breach of agreement and appropriate legal action will be taken.

Logo Request Form

General Company/Organization Information

Name of Company

Type of Entity


Contact Information

Please provide the contact information of the entity wishing to obtain and use the Cottonmouths' logo. This person will be contacted if no final proof of material is returned and for any general questions regarding the use.

First Name *

Last Name *


Mailing Address Line 1 *

Address Line 2

City *

State *

Zip Code *

Phone *

Email *

Full Description of the Intended Use of the Logo

Please provide the media where the logo will be displayed (i.e. print, web, television, etc). The more information you provide, the easier it is to process your request.

Lincensee shall provide a final proof of materials (i.e., how the logo is to be used) for Columbus Cottonmouths' records. Email proof to

Description *

Logo Usage Start Date *

Logo Usage Stop Date *

File Format Requested *

Terms and Conditions

Review Terms and Conditions.

I have read the Terms of Use regarding the use of the Columbus Cottonmouths logo. In the event that the Columbus Cottonmouths grant usage of its logo, I understand that I am bound to and will comply with the terms and conditions regarding use of the Columbus Cottonmouths' logo. *


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